High Steel Structures – Plants 1, 2, 4 Improvements 2011

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Facility : Steel Fabrication Facility
Size : 12,404 Total SF Additions (Plant 2); Numerous Interior Renovations (Plants 1, 4)
Location : Lancaster, PA
Services Provided :

General Contracting

High Steel Structures, one of the largest structural steel fabricators in the US, requires ongoing additions and renovations to enhance its facilities and support technological changes and operational growth. Built by High Construction, the operations total approximately 500,000 square feet of enclosed production space, two paint bays, and 85 acres of assembly yard. In 2011, High Construction provided additions to Plant 2 and numerous renovations to Plant 1 and Plant 4. Plant 1 improvements were needed to make room for the increased number of CAM programmers that support High Steel’s growing CNC tool inventory. The existing area was demolished to make room for a larger one. At the same time, an old and leaking roof in that area was replaced. Plant 2 enhancements included expanding North Bay to better accommodate the new Ficep equipment and adding large overhead doors to Paint Bay, South Bay, and North Bay so that a travel lift could be used to haul girders in and out of these bays. Bathrooms were added to meet code requirements and a large meeting room was added. The additions to Plant 2 included 10,584 SF manufacturing and 1,820 SF office. In Plant 4, a number of modifications were made to prepare for new equipment to support the fabrication of secondary members. A new locker room and break room were also built so that Plant 4 coworkers would no longer need to walk across the yard to use the facilities at Plant 1. Some additional offices for supervisors and field operations were added, as well as a new First Aid room.