Four Seasons Produce

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Facility : Headquarters/ Processing/Distribution Center
Size : 262,000 SF
Location : Denver, PA
Services Provided :

General Contracting

As one of the ten biggest independent wholesale produce distributors, Four Seasons Produce sells over nine million cases of produce a year to supermarkets, distribution centers for supermarket chains, colleges, hospitals, and restaurants from Maine to North Carolina. The company’s new 262,000-square-foot facility was strategically designed to allow for future additions totaling 190,000-square-feet. Distinctive glass panels line the front of the facility. A 1,000-square-foot skylight and curved walls with 24-foot high ceilings are featured in the office section and common areas. An employee cafeteria, furnished with booths and tables, will include a juice bar and a soup-and-salad bar. A racquetball court and a fitness room, as well as locker rooms with showers, are among other workplace amenities. The warehouse includes humidity-controlled and temperature-controlled storage rooms where each product is stored in the climate best-suited for that commodity. The warehouse’s 32-foot high ceilings will accommodate four-rack-high produce, increasing storage capacity by 71 percent. In addition to providing more storage, the new facility centralizes the firm's operations, making it simpler and faster for Four Seasons produce to assemble orders for customers.