Pennsylvania Turnpike Service Plaza - Lawn

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Facility : Travel Plaza
Size : 13,163 SF
Location : Lawn, PA
Services Provided :

General Contracting

The Lawn Turnpike Service Plaza, located in Lebanon County, serves eastbound travelers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The $9 million project consisted of the demolition of the outdated service plaza and reconstruction of a new plaza which was completed in time to open prior the busy Memorial Day weekend traffic. The new facility features a welcoming design with exposed steel frame construction, an open floor plan, and ample ambient light. The facility is 13,200 square feet plus a full basement, and includes two restaurants and a Starbucks. High Construction also completed the water and wastewater treatment facility. The project presented many challenges during demolition and reconstruction: • The new facility was to be built in the same general footprint of the old facility. • Old underground utilities and structures that were “multi-used” over the years for running new lines had to be demolished and new lines designed and installed. • Old underground tanks had to be evacuated and removed. • The waste management recycling programs required tedious record-keeping and documentation of materials that entered and exited the project site, as well as the creation of programs that would encourage each worker to recycle on a personal level. • The waste management recycling programs ran concurrently with new construction. • The demolition and reconstruction required a short, eight-month schedule • DEP approved sewer treatment facility was constructed using Purestream over-ground steel tanks. • DEP water treatment facility by Suburban Water Technologies was installed in a newly constructed treatment building in two months, producing DEP approved water from three different wells, all with different pollutants. Built to LEED Certified (not registered), the project required comprehensive documentation of all design and construction strategies used to reduce the building’s environmental footprint. Demolition debris was recycled or salvaged, utilizing recycled content, use of Forest Stewardship Council’s certified wood products and a low VOC specifications were all incorporated in the building. Waste Reduction and Recycling handled all of the recycled material. Waste was organized in five separate dumpsters, for drywall, wood, metal, cardboard, and unsalvageable waste, which were then quantified by weight. Some waste generated from demolition of the existing building, such as the stone, flooring, and concrete block was crushed onsite and reused in the parking lot or in the building footprint—below the surface throughout most of the site. This not only impacted the schedule for the building construction (most especially the basement), but also for trenching, underground tanks, and site lighting. High Construction reconstructed a total of eight service plaza along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, including Allentown, Bowmansville, Cumberland Valley, Hickory Run, Highspire, Lawn, North Midway, and Valley Forge.