Lebanon Valley College

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Facility : Mund College Center
Size : 63,000 SF
Location : Annville, PA
Services Provided :

Construction Management

The Mund College Center is the heart of student life at Lebanon Valley College because it houses many aspects of daily life for the campus community. Services located inside the College Center include: dining services including the East and West Dining Halls and the Underground (an eating facility and a student run dance club); the Leedy Theater in which many programs and student-run/performed plays and musicals are held; the Faust Lounge which is a study lounge/programming space; and the College Store where students can purchase anything from their books to LVC memorabilia. Offices located in the College Center include career services, multicultural affairs, student activities, and the information desk. High Construction provided preconstruction and construction management services for the renovation of this 63,000 square foot facility which occurred in three phases, while the building was occupied. Phase I of the project focused on the outside of the building with the construction of a new kitchen, freight elevator, loading dock, and stair tower. Phase 2 included demolishing the old kitchen and main stair, and building the new servery and dining space, skylights, passenger elevator, bathrooms, and basement sprinkler. The work was performed in multiple shifts. Phases 3 and 3a include construction of the bookstore/dining shell, bookstore fitout, exterior terrace, east dining renovation, buildout student life offices fitout, new roof on the existing building, and renovation of the west dining area.