Manheim Township Public Library

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Facility : Library
Size : 30,000 SF
Location : Lancaster, PA
Services Provided :

General Contracting

In keeping with Lancaster County’s rich agricultural heritage, the new modern library design is reminiscent of a traditional bank barn and farmstead, complete with a silo-shaped children’s library. The exterior features stone, fiber-cement siding, and metal roofing. Gable-end windows are narrow and elongated, resembling the vertical ventilation slits of tobacco barns. The theme continues inside, where uniquely designed exposed timbers blend with modern steel connectors, stamped concrete flooring and dramatic colors to create spaces that are as warm as they are exciting. The building also includes green materials and an underground geothermal system. High Construction served as the general contractor (not including MEP primes) for Divisions 1-14 for the new construction of the Manheim Township Public Library.