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Energy Solutions and Sustainability Services

High Construction's Energy Solutions Group turns operating costs into business investments. We provide services to reduce energy use and operating costs of new buildings, as well as retrofitting analysis and services for existing buildings. Our services include:

Energy Audits / Studies
Our energy and system performance investigations and studies include implementation plans which result in savings to improve your bottom line. Energy master planning studies include “migration path” information (e.g., What is the next dollar an owner should invest to keep moving the right direction? What does an owner avoid doing that would otherwise move them in the wrong direction?). These energy audits and studies are helpful for clients who need help identifying performance issues. We utilitze thermal imaging and data logging, as needed, to fully understand what is happing in your facility. Most building owners know how much energy their buildings are using and how much that energy costs. Few of them know if that is the right amount of energy and what potential impact an energy savings plan can have in future budget years.

System: A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. Your buildings are filled with them. In reality, the entire building is a system. You can replace parts or pieces but how do you know if the system is working as a mechanism? Our approach to retro-commissioning provides an owner with a phased approach to building diagnosis and tune-up with the benefit of involving the client’s existing staff. Phase I provides insight into the function of the existing system and makes low- or no-cost changes where possible. This phase also establishes a specific scope of work and associated costs for completion of the second phase.  Phase II deals with resolving the issues identified that may involve mechanical replacements or controls system alterations and assures that the system functions and provides its intended results without wasting energy or generating occupant complaints.

Lifecycle Design and Construction
Lifecycle design and construction provides a means to evaluate energy related construction options during the early stages of design. Our goal is to build facilities that are energy efficient from day one, rather than retrofitting facilities after they have established a track record of high energy use or increase maintenance costs. We ask the right questions and you receive input and options which result in significant savings over the life of your investment.

ENERGY STAR® Building Certification
The U.S. Government’s ENERGY STAR can provide significant benefits to your company in terms of measuring ongoing performance and enjoying the marketing benefits that come with placing the ENERGY STAR logo on your building. High Construction 
provides assistance in earning the ENERGY STAR by improving facility performance to meet the required criteria and working with you to complete the submission. 

Turnkey Energy Retrofits / Renovations
Performance-based project development with turnkey delivery Includes full investigation of performance related issues along with recommendations to resolve performance issues and start saving you money. Once these recommendations are reviewed and approved by the owner, a complete project package is developed including cost estimates, implementation, and measurement and verification. Our construction delivery expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide this level of service. Our qualified staff has experience in more than forty million dollars worth of energy saving projects.